Information Technology Capabilities and Their Impact on the Transfer of External Information

Gunnar Óskarsson


This article reports on the findings of a literature review on information technology resources from a resource based view (RBV) perspective. The objective is to extract and synthesize ‘best evidence’ on information technology resources and how they contribute to the effectiveness of information transfer and performance of organizations with a particular focus on the sustainable competitive advantages of firms that have operations in international markets. The findings provide a thorough understanding of the subject and indicate that the only information technology resources that contribute to the sustainable competitive advantages of firms are managerial IT skills. It was beyond the focus of this paper to identify other capabilities that are important for information transfer, such as trust, norms, incentives and other factors that have a mediating impact on the effectiveness of using information technology for information transfer and organizational processes. Beyond relevance to an academic audience, this review could be useful for managers of firms and institutions seeking to improve processes and performance of their organizations. In this context, the paper seeks to make a contribution to evidence based policy and practice.


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