Behind every system are people: Managers experience of the effect of the Equal Pay Certification on wage environment

Gerða Björg Hafsteinsdóttir, Erla Sólveig Kristjánsdóttir, Þóra H. Christiansen


This research reviews the experience of managers regarding the effect of the Equal Pay Certification on wage environment as managers with experience of the Equal Pay Standard were interviewed. The main results imply that the managers experienced increased bureaucracy and systemization, displacement of decision making power and that the Equal Pay Certification might be an illusion. Results also showed a shift in the emphasis in the annual collective agreement right of employees to an employee interview, the flexibility of the certification is underutilized as well as subjective performance assessment of employees and inconsistencies in the procedures of the certification bodies. Even though, at first glance, the Equal Pay Certification seems valid and reliable there are certain factors which can make it possible to meet the requirements for Equal Pay Certification, even though there is a gender pay gap.


Equal Pay Certification; Salary; Gender Pay Gap.

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