Implementation of the Monarchy in the Kingdom of Iceland


  • Björn Jón Bragason



King of Iceland, Kingdom of Iceland, personal union, real union.


The article describes the implementation of the monarchy in the Kingdom of Iceland. Until the time Iceland became sovereign state, the royal heads of state were influential actors in the governance of European countries, especially in terms of foreign affairs. The article outlines how the handling of foreign affairs was the core of the monarchy in the mind of Christian X, the first and only king of the Kingdom of Iceland. He wished to direct it through a single foreign service working undir his authority. First, there was a serious falling out with the king and the Icelandic politicians when the latter demanded the termination of the union agreement and thus the establishment of an Icelandic foreign service. In the article, the terms personal union and real union are defined and lead to the argument that there was a personal union between Iceland and Denmark.

Author Biography

Björn Jón Bragason

Doctoral student, teacher and lecturer.



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Bragason, B. J. (2023). Implementation of the Monarchy in the Kingdom of Iceland. Icelandic Review of Politics & Administration, 19(1), 45–70.



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